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Need a UX designer?

One that actually understands responsive code?

Look no further.

Let's change the world.

Is your organization seeking a talented UX designer who can write responsive code, with decades of experience leading teams in fast-paced Agile/Lean UX environments?

If so, your search is over.

My name is Ezra Ekman. I've been designing user interfaces, developing web sites and building brand and identity systems for over 25 years, from startups and consumer-facing apps to enterprise operations for multinational Fortune 100 companies.

I'm looking for an organization who really wants to shake things up, and not just for the sake of "disruption". I want to be a part of the next major change technology and culture. This can take the form of improving the way people learn, enhancing energy production or transportation, or making technology and invention accessible to everyone. Maybe it's a new form of technology, or simply an improvement on something traditional that makes it better and internet-connected. Whatever your next big idea is, I want to be a part of it.

For more detail about my background, please browse my resume or learn how I approach UX in my profile. But if you've already seen what you need to see, give me a buzz!