What if your UX designer could also code?  These rockstars exist.  You're looking at one.

UX Design

Do you remember when smartphones weren’t ubiquitous? Your users don’t. Mobile apps, games, and web sites are no longer optional; they’re a critical requirement.

A delightful experience always beats an annoying one, and this is a primary factor between success and failure. Your user experience starts before it even goes live by defining user stories, refining them through wireframes, visual design and user testing, and delivering a scalable, responsive experience that brings users back.

UI Development

Most developers are unfamiliar with the usability needs of the modern web. Similarly, most designers don't tend to delve deeply into the code, which can lead to unrealistic expectations and missed deadlines in your product release cycle.

Especially today, A hybrid skillset of UX design combined with front-end coding knowledge is essential to bridge the gap between creative and technical teams and ensure that what you design is what gets delivered.


Leadership is more than the ability to delegate. It means active participation, teamwork, and collaboration in a fast-paced and highly competitive industry.

Agile/Scrum and Lean UX are now the norm. Collaboration isn’t just a buzzword; it’s an ideal. Positive reinforcement and support for individual empowerment is what transforms a group of individuals into an outstanding team.

You really can have your cake and eat it, too.

Is your organization seeking a talented UX designer that can actually code responsive sites and apps, with decades of experience who excels in fast-paced, Agile/Scrum and Lean UX environments?

If so, your search is over.

My name is Ezra Ekman, and I'm the solution you've been searching for! I've been designing user interfaces, developing web sites and building brand and identity systems for over 25 years, from startups and consumer-facing apps to enterprise operations for multinational Fortune 100 companies.

For more detail about my background, please browse my resume or learn more about my UX process. But if you'd just like to chat about a role, please give me a buzz!