Portfolio: What have I done?

Below are the results of some of the projects in which I've had the pleasure of participating. For details on some of the other brands I've worked on, please check out the sidebar in my Profile or Resume.

WorkAbility Responsive Portal

Project Details

Aetna’s WorkAbility portal was very outdated and required both a visual refresh as well as a redesign of the entire user experience.

I led on-site UX activities and directed offshore designers and developers to perform a complete heuristic evaluation of the entire WorkAbility site, interview Aetna stakeholders and customer service representatives, establish personas, identify usability issues and pain points, document user task flows, develop wireframes for responsive layouts, create visual design mockups, and provide production-ready images and implementation instructions to UI developers.

The result to improve access and usability for hundreds of thousands of Aetna’s customers' respective employees, and to provide them with a faster, more accessible, and more visually attractive portal.

Truck Treatment Mobility App

Project Details

Baker Hughes oilfield operations still had many employees in the field working with pen and paper, making any kind of realtime updates impossible. In addition, the Baker Hughes public-facing site required an eCommerce and community-driven component.

I was the single point of contact (SPOC) for on-site UX activities with Baker Hughes, promoting UX initiatives and championing usability while still supporting the underlying business goals that drove the project. I was also tasked with identifying and defining applicable personas, capturing and classifying usability concerns, and designing both low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes.

Once the wireframes were complete, I then converted the wireframes into clickable prototypes. This allowed local and remote teams to see and interact with a live representation of the expected behavior for each application prior to UI development beginning.

Confirmation & Executive Operations Dashboards

Project Details

British Petroleum is extremely active in energy trading. As such, they are hyperaware of the laws and regulations governing trades and trade confirmations. With the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act being signed into law, it was extremely important that all trades be confirmed within the 24-hour deadline to avoid massive penalties. To ensure that these rules would be followed, BP leadership required immediate access to the status of all trade confirmations via an app that would be called the Confirmation Dashboard.

I started by collaborating with the Scrum Master and several product owners to establish a timeline for the project, and then began interviewing architects and BP leadership to determine their precise needs. I then led an offshore team of designers and developers to design, prototype, and code a fully functional proof of concept hybrid iOS app based on the Sencha framework.

Once this was complete, I traveled to BP's headquarters in London and BP's base of operations in Singapore to interview additional stakeholders and local executives about a second proof-of-concept application to be commonly called the Executive Dashboard. This app was scoped to support both iOS and Windows 8 mobile devices, and allowed leadership to maintain a close eye on high-risk operations and urgent financial alerts.

Consumer & Business-to-Business refresh

Project Details

T-Mobile faced a huge usability issue: their existing customer site was extremely slow, and was not very user friendly. At a time that T-Mobile was heavily focused on changing the perception of what a cellular provider could be, it was imperative that they also changed the perception of their customer base regarding what it meant to use the T-Mobile site.

I led onshore UX design activities for the Business to Business site, and then led a team of UI developers to ensure that what was promised by the wireframes and mockups was actually delivered in the final product.

Photography and Videography

Project Details

In addition to possessing design and development skillsets, I am an accomplished photographer and videographer with over 17 years of experience shooting a wide range of subject matter, including:

  • Commercial & Advertising
  • Videography & Audio
  • Products & Food
  • Headshots & Portraiture
  • Live Events & Parties
  • Instructional & Tutorials
  • Children, Families & Pets

I am prepared to capture powerful and compelling imagery that will enhance any brand. I personally own seveal professional-tier DSLR cameras, a complete video rig and slider, shotgun microphones and a 6-track portable recorder, continuous lights, strobes, power packs, and portable backdrops, leaving me prepared to shoot in any scenario.